The world is changing all around us, and the dynamics of crime continue to move in the wrong direction. The old adage 'the best defense is a strong offense' rings true in the contents of this book, and it is our responsibility to bolster that offense through education and preparation. Criminal activity in the US and abroad affects everyone to some extent, and the days of the 'it won't happen to me' mentality have faded. LIVESAFE will challenge you to make simple adjustments to your lifestyle which will enhance your safety and security, and that of your family. It offers the reader an eye opening and compelling synopsis of the criminal threats and challenges we face in everyday life, and what we can do to mitigate that threat. Author Terry Beckstrom provides an easy to read, practical guide to personal and family security which no home should be without. LIVESAFE will change the way you think and live, and point you in the right direction towards becoming more aware, focused, and prepared for the threats we face.   

 This book should be required reading in high school, and would be a great topic for discussion, chapter by chapter, at every family dinner table.

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This easy to read book delivers on its title with countless practical tips on how to stay safe in an
often unsafe world. What a great resource that I'm sure I'll refer back to again and again!

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